MQF Level 6

This European accredited undergraduate degree is designed to reshape a candidate’s psychology knowledge and competencies. As a matter of fact, this bachelor degree programme presents an abundant amount of career opportunities for skilled psychology professionals.


Global College Malta is proud to welcome students that are eager to learn and be part of our school. As a matter of fact, we are prepared to equip students with the necessary infrastructural and industrial competencies. Ultimately, the prospect will gain the essential mindset that our country critically requires so as to provide proficiency in crucial fields.


Interested persons who wish to apply are invited to download the application form and send it to


Awarding Body

Upon successful completion of this programme, the certificate will bear Higher Education Institution as the degree awarding body.


The maximum span of this programme is 36 months for full-time students.


This programme commences every March and October.


This programme is designed to be an integral component of the knowledge acquisition process. As a matter of fact, formative feedback will be provided to students throughout the course of the programme. For that reason, evaluation within the modules will take the form of assignments, presentations, examinations and the dissertation.


The diagram below represents the modules that will be covered throughout this programme. Please refer to the below table:

General Biology
Elements of Human Anatomy
General Psychology
Social and Group Psychology
Methods and Techniques of Qualitative and Quantitative Research in Psychology
Foundations of Philosophy and Epistemology of Human Sciences
Fundamentals of Sociological Thought
Foundations of Psychology
Theoretical Models of Psychology
Cultural Anthropology of Health and Illness
Psychobiology and Psychological Psychology
Neurosciences and Foundations of Neuropsychology
Psychology of the Family
General and Social Pedagogy
Developmental Psychology
Dynamic Psychology
Psychological Testing Theories and Techniques
Psychology of the Personality
General Ethics and Conduct
Clinical Psychology and the Therapeutic Relationship
Psychology of Work and Organizations
Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology
Psychology of Communication
Clinical Neuropsychology
Artificial Intelligence
Philosophical Anthropology
Final Thesis


The prospect has to possess the general entry requirements and the following qualifications:

  • Two Advanced Level passes
  • One Ordinary Level passes at Grade C or better in English

Furthermore, any other equivalent qualification may be approved by the Admissions Board.


  • Rehabilitation youth centres.
  • Residential treatment centres for mental and physical disabilities.
  • Psychological interventions for the promotion of individual and community health, under the supervision of clinical professionals.
  • Family, child, adolescent, birth and pregnancy counselling.
  • Social care and voluntary services.


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National Price: € 6000

European Price: € 6000

International Price: € 18000

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*Final Fee: + € 1500 (includes Final Thesis and Graduation)